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 Accessories  Biochemistry  Blood Grouping
 Cardiac Markers  Coagulation Range  Controls & Calibrators
 Fertility Test  Hepatitis Test Kit  HIV Test Kit
 Immunoturbidimetric range  Instruments  Malaria Test Kit
 Microbiological Medias  Other Infectious Disease Tests  Pregnancy Test Kit
 Readymade Reagents & Chemicals  Rapid Staining Kits   Rheumatology Test Kit
 Stains & Indicators  Syphillis  Tb Testing Kit & Reagents
 Thyroid Test  Torch Panel Test  Tumor Makers
 Turbilatex Range  Thyroid Test  Urine Analysis Stripes

 Blood Lancets  Capillary Tubes  Cotton
 Coupling Jar  Coverslip  Dropping Bottle Calibrators
  E.S.R. Stands  E.S.R. Tubes  Filter Paper
  Funnels  Glass Bulbs-Plain  Glass Bulbs-EDTA
 Glass Bulbs-Flouride  Glass Beakers  Glass Pippetes
 Glass Slides  Haemometer  HB Pippette
 IV Spot   Measuring Cylinders  Microcentrifuge Vials
 Micropipette Stand  Multipurpose Tray  Needle Cutter
 Nuebar Chamber      Pasteur Pipettes  Petri Dish
 Plastic Tubes-Plain  Plastic Tubes-EDTA  Plastic Tubes-Flouride
 Pipette- RBC  Pipette- WBC  Plastic Centrifuge Tubes
 Plastic Test Tube-12X75mm  Slide Box For Storage  Slide Staining Stand
 Slide Staining Racks  Slide Staining Trough  Slide Tray
 Spirit Lamp  Stool Container-Nonsterile  Stool Container-Sterile
 Storage Vials  Swabs Sticks  Test Tube Brushes
 Test Tube Glass-Neutral  Test Tube Glass-Borosilicated  Test Tube Rack
 Tips Blue  Tips Yellow  Tissue Papers
 Tournikit  Urine Container-Sterile  Urnine Container-Nonsterile

 Acid Phosphatase  Albumin   Alkaline Phosphatase
 Amylase  Bilirubin  Calcium 
  Chloride  Cholestrol  Ck-Mb
  Ck-Nac  Creatinine  Glucose
 GHB  G6PD  Gamma GT
 Glucose  Hdl-Direct  Haemtest-Occult Blood
 Iron & Tibc  Ldh  Ldh-Direct
 Microprotein  Phosphorus  SGOT
 SGPT  Sodium/Potassium  Sodium/Potassium/Chloride
 Total Protein  Trigycerides  Urea
 Uric Acid

Blood Grouping
 Anti A  Anti B  Anti A,B
 Anti D   Bovine Albumine 22%  Anti Human (Coomb's) Serum

Cardiac Makers
 Troponin I-Card  Troponin T-Card

Coagulation Range
 Calcium Chloride   Sodium Citrate  Fabrinogen

Controls and Calibrators
 Biochemistry Controls- Normal  Biochemistry Controls- Abnormal

Fertility  Test
 LH-Elisa  FSH-Elisa  Prolactin-Elisa
 Esradiol-Elisa   Testosterone-Elisa  Estriol-Elisa
 Progesterone-Elisa  Free B-Hcg-Elisa  Oestradiol-Elisa

Hepatitis Test Kit
 HBsAg Elisa  HBsAg Stripes  HBsAg Cards
 HCV-Elisa   HCV-Cards  HEV Elisa
 HAV-Elisa  HAV-Card Test

HIV Test Kits
 HIV-Elisa   HIV-Rapid-stripes   HIV-Rapid cards
 HIV Western Blot

Immunoturbidimetric range
 Apo A1   Apo B   Ceruloplasmin

 Biochemistry Analyzer  Centrifuge Machine     Coagulometer
 Colony Counter   Digital Colorimeter  Elecrolyte Analyzer  
  Elisa Reader   Elisa Washer   Flame Photometer
  Hematology Analyzer c   Immunoturbidimetry Analyser   Incubators
  Micropipettle  Microscope   Ovens
 Serological Waterbath  Stethoscope  Urine Stripe Reader

Malaria Test Kit
 Malaria Stainning Kit  Malaria Rapid Test-Pf  Malaria Rapid Test-Pf/Pan
 Malaria Rapid Test-Pf/Pv   Malaria Rapid-Pan  Malaria Rapid-Pf/Pv/Pan

Microbiological Medias
 Full range of HIMEDIA Products

Other Infectious Disease Tests
 Dengue IgG-Elisa   Dengue IgM-Elisa   Dengue-Rapid Test-(IgG+IgM)
 Leptospira IgM-Elisa    Leptospira-Rapid Test-(IgM)   

Pregnancy Test Kit
 Pregnancy-Latex   Pregnancy-Elisa   Pregnancy Stripes
 Pregnancy Cards

Rapid Staining Kits
 Biofix spray  Cytocrom Kit With Buffer   Gymsa's Stain
  Gram's Stain   Rapid AFP  Rapid Pap-Smear Staining Kit
 Rapid MP Staining Kit  Rapid-H & E Stain Kit  Oestradiol-Elisa

Readymade Reagents & Chemicals
 Aceton Detection Powder  Aceton Solution   Barium Chloride 10%
 Benedicts Qualitative Reagent  Benedicts Quantitative Reagent  Benzedine Powder 
  Biofix Spray  Cedarwood Oil  Chromic Acid
  Di-ionised Water  Dpx Mountant  Drabkin's Reagent
 Edta Powder (Di-Potassium)  Edta Powder (Di-Sodium)   Edta Solution (Di-Sodium)
 Edta Solution (Di-Potassium)  Ehrlich's Reagent  Ethenol
 Extran-glassware cleaning solution  Flouride Solution t  Formalene
 Fouchet's Reagent  Geimsa Stain t  Glacial Acetic Acid
 Hydrochloric Acid N/10  Hydrogen Peroxide t  Labolene
 Methenol  Platelet Reagent t  R.B.C.. Diluting Fluid
 Seliwanoff's Reagent  Semen Diluting fluid  Sodium Citrate 3.8%
 Sodium Hypochloride Solution  Sodium/Potassium Standard 120/2  Sodium/Potassium Standard 140/4
 Sodium/Potassium Standard 160/6  Sulphosalicylic Acid 20%  Sulphosalicylic Acid 3%
 Sulphosalicylic Acid 30%  Sulphuric Acid 20%  W.B.C. Diluting Fluid
 W.B.C. Diluting Fluid

Rheumatology Test Kit

Stains & Indicators
 Albert's Stain A  Albert's Stain B  Carbol Fuchsin
 Crystal Violet  C.S.F. Diluting Fluid  Eosin 1% Aqueous
  Field's Stain A  Field's Stain B  Gram's Iodine
  Haemotoxylene  Leishman's Stain  Lugol's Iodine
 Methlene Blue  Papanicolou Og 6  Papanicolou EA 36
 Papanicolou EA 65  Reticulocyte  Safranine

Syphillis Test Kit
 RPR  Red Antigen  Rapid Stripe Test
 TPHA   Syphilis-Elisa

Tb Testing Kit & Reagents
 PPD (5 tu)  PPD(10 tu)  TB Rapid Cards
 TB-IgA-Elisa   TB-IgM-Elisa  TB-IgG-Elisa

Thyroid Test
 T3 (Triiodothyroine)-Elisa  T4(Thyroxine)-Elisa  TSH-Elisa
 Free T3-Elisa   Free T4-Elisa

Torch Panel Test
 Toxoplasma IgG-Elisa  Toxoplasma IgM-Elisa  Rubella IgG-Elisa
 Rubella IgM-Elisa   CMV-IgG-Elisa  HSV-1 IgG-Elisa
 HSV-1 IgM-Elisa  HSV-2 IgG-Elisa  HSV-2 IgM-Elisa

Tumor Markers
 Free PSA-Elisa  PSA -Elisa  CEA-Elisa
 Afp (Alpha Fetoprotein)-Elisa   Ca 19-9 (Gut Cancer)-Elisa  Ca 15-3 (Breast Cancer)-Elisa
 Ca 125 (Ovarian Cancer)-Elisa  Psa-Rapid Test  Ferritin-Elisa

Turbilatex Range
 Lipoprotein   Micro Albumin

Typhoid Testing Kit
 Widal (Slide)  Widal (Slide-(O+H))  Widal (Tube)
 Widal (Tube Test-(O+H))   Widal-Rapid Card Test

Urine Analysis Stripes
 Glucose Stripes  Glucose/Protein  Glucose/Ketone
 4 Para   5 Para  8 Para
 9 Para  10 Para